The goal of the IronTract challenge is to provide an objective assessment of the accuracy of brain pathways as reconstructed with diffusion MRI tractography, by direct comparison to chemical tracing in the same brain. The winners will be announced at MICCAI 2019. There will be two challenge tracks, and participants are encouraged to submit entries for both:

  • Overall winner: In this track, participants are allowed to use the q-space sampling scheme (single-shell, multi-shell, Cartesian grid, etc.) that works best for their tractography method. The goal is to find the method that achieves the highest accuracy possible today, regardless of acquisition scheme.
  • HCP winner: In this track, participants use the two-shell acquisition scheme that is deployed by both lifespan studies and disease studies of the Human Connectome Project (HCP). The goal is to find the method that is best suited for analyzing the 6500+ data sets that are being collected across these studies and that will soon be available publicly.

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